Tanzania:UDSM ranks 23rd in top 100 varsities

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University of Dar es SalaamThe use of internet among higher learning institutions must be something to worry if the latest ranking on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) usage among world universities is anything to go by.

According to rankings by Webometrics released in July this year, only one university from Tanzania has made it to the top hundred of the best universities in ICT usage in Africa.

University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) is the only higher learning institution to have made it in the celebrated 100 universities, ranking number 23, out of 100 other universities in Africa.

However, the position means that the fifty-year old university has now dropped by ten places, having been number 13 in last year’s rankings.On the global front, however, the country has climbed up the scale by 1,437 places, from position 3,415 in 2011 to position 1,978 this year.

University of Cape Town led the continent once again, followed by four other South African higher learning institutions in the top five of the rankings in the continent.

Makerere University of Uganda heads the region having pitched itself at position 11 and number 1,173 globally.Following closely is the Nairobi University of Kenya at number 14, having also ranking number 1,435 in the globe.No other universities from Tanzania features in the top 100 rankings as the list goes on.

Reacting to the rankings, UDSM’s deputy vice-chancellor (Academics), Prof Makenya Maboko, said there were other factors to consider in the rankings other than what he referred to as ‘website updating’.

The academician argued there were some universities which spent more time in updating their websites and domains other than focusing on the quality education they offer.

“It does not mean that we are unconcerned about this, but basically this does not reflect much on the quality of education,” added Prof Maboko.The Webometrics University Ranking is a ranking system based on university web presence, visibility and web access.

This ranking system measures how strongly a university is present in the web by its own web domain, sub-pages, rich files, and scholarly articles.

However, the rankings are not based on research, teaching, number of citations, ability to create internally generated funds as well as the international outlook measured by the proportion of international staff and students at institutions in the field.

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